How To Transplant A Hydrangea

Place the root ball in the hole and fill the hole with soil. Give the plant enough water and then leave it alone until spring.

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Transplanting Hydrangea Tips When digging a hydrangea to transplant dig up as much of the rootball as possible.

How to transplant a hydrangea. Transplanted hydrangeas need deep watering but not over-saturation. Hi friends I have been growing plants for many years and love doing it. Immediately after transplanting water the hydrangea twice an hour apart.

Transplant hydrangeas by digging up the roots and gently rocking the plant out of the ground to avoid breaking off the stem. Spread 1 inch of organic. As recommended its best to transfer locations in late fall or early winter.

Since the roots are fibrous and form a ball filled with soil the plant may be VERY heavy so you might want to get some help with this. Replant the hydrangea in. If transplanting a hydrangea from a nursery container dig the hole to the same depth and two to three times the width of the.

Climate plays a crucial role when transplanting hydrangeas. The rule of thumb is to transplant before the ground begins to freeze to prevent the roots from dying. How to Transplant Hydrangea Shrubs When transplanting hydrangeas the first step is to dig a hole in your new location.

Water the soil well. The best watering method is to use a garden hose not a sprinkler. How to transplant a hydrangea in Michigan.

Gently firm the soil around the trunk but do not compress the soil down over the roots. Pick a location that receives at least some shade during the course of the day. Find out why its best to transp.

Proper watering is another important action that will ease the transplant shock of the hydrangea. You may need to water occasionally throughout winter if soil is dry. The planting hole should be twice the size of the roots of the plant you are transplanting.

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Tuck the hydrangea into the new planting spot. Start by digging a hole in the location where you want to transplant your hydrangea Dig out your hydrangea making sure to get as much as the root ball as possible dig in a circle around the hydrangea Move the hydrangea to the new location you may need help with this if your hydrangea. For the transplanted hydrangea the first two seasons are critical.

Next you need to check the moisture in the soil and water when it is more than half an inch dry. Late frosts can also cause the leaves to turn black. You can find more information on the page About Author.

The amount of water should be enough to soak all the soil around the plant. Work a lot of fertilizer into the dirt you use to fill the opening around the bush. Transplant the hydrangea to a more shady location.

Moving hydrangea bushes requires a lot of digging and you dont want your poor plant to wait out of the ground for you to dig a big hole. If you have a high groundwater level in the yard then dig a hole three times the size of the rhizome. Transplanting Hydrangeas Hydrangea cuttings should reward you with a healthy root system within a month.

Fold the hydrangea into the new planting spot. Work plenty of compost into the soil you use to fill the hole around the shrub. At the bottom of the hole put stones.

After this you can transplant your new hydrangea plant from its pot into the ground. In cooler climates its safe to move the plants in November. Subsequent to transplanting hydrangeas water profoundly once.

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Follow proper spacing guidelines for hydrangeas by allowing a 4- to 6-foot gap between plants. Move the hydrangea to a new place. You may need to water infrequently all through winter if soil is dry.

After transplanting hydrangeas water deeply once. Cover the hydrangea for the duration of the frost. Dig a hole 6 to 9 feet wide and the same depth as the root ball height.

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