Kids Smart Watch, Waterproof GPS Tracker Smartwatch for Kids, Two-Way-Calling Watch Phone with HD Touch Screen, Camera, Alarm,Game, Christmas Birthday Gifts Toy for 3-12 Years Old Boys and Girls-Blue – STORE

💟If you have any questions while using, Please Feel Free To Reach us via Amazon email. Buy with confidence.
(Please go to your order detail page “order”- “sold by” to contact us )

🌈How to set it up?
⭐1) Activate SIM card via mobile phone
⭐2) Keep watch turned off to insert the Micro sim to watch
⭐3) Created a account in App “setracker”, registered choose North America
⭐4) Log in and get all the features.

🌈How to solve “device offline” problem?
⭐1.Check whether there are signal bars and “↑↓” symbol on the watch.
⭐2.If there is no signal bars, please check whether the sim was inserted correctly, and go to a good signal place and check it.
⭐3.If there is no “↑↓” symbol, please open the data and voice plan for the sim card.
⭐4. Please feel free to contact us if any problems.

💟Kindly Note:
⭐1. This smart watch support 2G GSM network only, no SIM card in the package. we recommend SpeedTalk Mobile Card in US. You can search”SpeedTalk Mobile”on Amazon, recommend to open $5/month plan, included 100 min Call / 100 MB / 100 SMS.
⭐2.Before buying this watch, please first check on speedtalk Coverage Map( ) to confirm whether there is 2G network in your surroundings. Otherwise this watch can not use calling function without 2G network.
⭐3. The location of the watch depends on the LBS signal transmission station where you are, and it is also related to the network signal in your area. Provide an approximate location, the error will be caused by the local signal location, the error is 0.3~4 miles.

1 x Kids Smartwatch (not include sim card)
1 x USB Cable
1 x Kids watch quick start guide
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Top clamping needle
2 x Spare screws

👍LBS/GPS Tracker Waterproof Watch: Connecting the LBS on your cellphone can get kid’s real-time location, track all kid’s moving routes. Better keep kids’ safty! Meets IP68 water standard requirements, this smartwatch also lets kid avoid any troubles when swimming, washing hand or shower.
📞How To Make Calls / SOS Call: Just insert a MicroSIM card, you can communicate with child on the phone watch in real time. When your kids are in trouble, hold the SOS button for 3 seconds, then the watch will dial the preset number alternately until someone answers the call. Great help for kids in emergency!
📷Selfie and Alarm: Thanks to the built-in HD camera, children can take pictures of the moments when playing with their friends, and record the beauty of childhood! You can also set an alarm to wake kid up softly every day, to help kids develop a healthier lifestyle!

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